Are you tired of manually managing checksheet data? Paper checklists and paper forms require an immense amount of manual work, can be lost, and don’t allow you to make real-time decisions based on your quality data.

Harmoni is revolutionizing data collection and how you handle checksheet data with our advanced digital checklists. Their real-time nature provides your CNC operators with an easy and seamless way to collect data that gives immediate feedback and helps to eliminate scrap and wasted operations.

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How can Harmoni’s digital checksheets revolutionize your CNC machining quality control?

Define Your Inspection Plan

Your CNC operators will have all the information they need about the inspection method before they begin. Check frequency, target value, tolerances, and suggested tools to use for measurement are all provided right on the Harmoni screen before production begins. 

Harmoni provides digital checksheets with a defined inspection plan

Share Inspection Reference Images

Custom images can be uploaded to show your operators exactly where and how to take the inspection measurement.

add inspection images to Harmoni to show how CNC production parts are to be calibrated and measured

Streamline Your Checksheet Entry

Say goodbye to tedious manual entry. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface provides digital forms that let your CNC operators quickly and accurately enter their checksheet data, making the process a breeze.

Add real-time measurements right into digital checksheet

Spot Quality Trends Right On Screen with Graphing

Get a comprehensive view of your checksheet data that show you when you’re beginning to trend out of tolerance. Quality data visualizations like this allow you to make changes proactively and quickly before you start scrapping materials.

Harmoni allows you to see real-time trend graphs that show parts as they go through production

Management Portal

The Harmoni management portal allows you to recreate your old paper-based forms into custom checksheet definitions and then link them to the correct parts, revisions, operations, and machines, helping to ensure data accuracy and eliminate mistakes.

Customizable Checksheet Templates for Each Job

Tailor checksheet templates to suit your specific needs. You can create and customize templates with the inspection method, check frequency, target measurement, units of measure, tolerances, and other operator instructions.

Download Data for Analysis & Import

All of your operator’s quality data entries can be downloaded for analysis and imported into SPC software.