icon of a funnel to represent Harmoni's cnc machine data collection capabilities

CNC Machine Monitoring

Accurately monitor your CNC machines and equipment in real-time from anywhere.

icon of a video thumbnail to represent Harmoni's ability to display interactive work instructions at a CNC machine touch screen

Interactive Work Instructions

Automatically pull up the correct work instructions, drawings, and setup sheets that are associated with your job’s RFID tags.

icon of a checklist and click to represent Harmoni's ability to do RFID based labor and machine time tracking

RFID Employee and Job Identification

Track employee time and automatically identify the correct part, CNC program, and work instructions.

icon of binary code that represents Harmoni's ability to do automated cnc machine program loading

Automated Program Loading

Improve setup times and eliminate costly mistakes by loading programs, settings, and offsets by RFID.

icon of a analytics dashboard that represent's Harmoni's ability to do overall equipment effectiveness calculations in real-time

Digital Quality Checksheets

Operators can track measurements digitally and observe trends in order to monitor quality trends in real time.

icon of puzzle pieces and a gear, representing Harmoni's ability to integrate with quality, maintenance, and ERP systems

Next Gen Shop Communications

Initiate calls to or from devices to provide engineering, maintenance, and management support without ever leaving the work center.