Harmoni acts as a touch-screen program loading system, or DNC software, to stream production machine programs to your CNC machine.  However, our approach is a bit different.

Other DNC software requires that the operator know, select, and input the appropriate CNC G-code part program name.  That approach is time-consuming and tedious.  It also introduces the possibility of human error resulting in scrap.  Our approach is to instead present the operator with only the programs that have been associated with the job they have clocked onto via our labor tracking module and RFID tags associated with the job.

Flexible Program Storage

A revision-controlled program storage system is at the heart of this module.  Authorized engineers on your team will use this system to upload all of their G-code, offsets, macro value defaults, CNC setup, and settings per part that you run.  Powerful revision tracking automatically allows you to see which lines change as updates are saved.

screenshot of Harmoni's flexible CNC program storage system
screenshot of Harmoni's CNC program loading system (DNC software) that associates a part, revision, and machine together

Part + Rev + Machine Association

The packet of G-code components, settings, macro defaults, and offsets from the previous step get associated with parts in your ERP system.  Our association screen allows you to specify precisely which packet goes to which machine for a given part.

DNC Server for Your CNC Machine

The Harmoni terminal becomes a DNC software server for the machine it is connected to.  As the job the CNC operators are working on is detected (either via RFID tags, barcode scan, or manual input) the correct programs will be presented for loading on the program code tab.  A tab will be presented for each job the operator is clocked onto.  Within each job tab, operators simply need to tap the button for the program they wish to load.

screenshot of Harmoni acting as a DNC software server at the CNC machine that it is connected to
icons that represent Harmoni's ability to connect to a machine's USB port

No More USB Program Loading

Gone are the days of carrying around a USB thumb, USB key, or floppy disk drive all over your shop floor!  Harmoni utilizes proprietary technology which connects directly to a machine’s USB port.  The machine will only see one program from the DNC software – the correct program – for the part/revision/machine the operator is working on.

Keep Those Old CNC Machines!

Harmoni also allows for program loading via RS232, including by way of DNC / drip-feeding.  Harmoni will take the time and guesswork out of this process, only loading the correct program.

Adding a Harmoni terminal to your older CNC machine tools will make them more versatile than the latest CNC equipment available, providing additional features to legacy equipment such as real-time machine monitoring, dynamic work instructions, labor tracking, and insight into your shop floor processes.

The Harmoni terminal is equipped with legacy and modern connectivity, helping to ensure cnc and hardware compatibility.

icon of a CNC machine that represent's Harmoni's ability to enhance the capabilities of existing CNC machining centers

Reduce Scrap & Increase Efficiency

Nothing will scrap a part as quickly as using the wrong CNC programs.  Harmoni eliminates this common source of error, helping to eliminate scrap and waste. And when your CNC operators spend less time figuring out which program to run, they spend more time making parts.

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