At Harmoni, we’ve redefined CNC machine monitoring software by offering a seamless blend of real-time insights and unparalleled convenience. Unlike others, our solution is designed to provide complete shop floor visibility and performance.

By combining traditional machine monitoring, real-time data, and alerts with employee time tracking and ERP data (like your costing, schedules, and production performance), you get unparalleled insights into your production data that blows the socks off all of those other machine monitoring systems.

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Harmoni vs. Old School Machine Monitoring

Harmoni empowers you with real-time monitoring of your CNC machines, ensuring you’re always in the know. Competitors may offer real-time data, but none match the intuitive and accessible interface of Harmoni. Dive into a world of real-time insights, enhanced productivity, and superior quality control.

With Harmoni, you don’t just monitor your machines and perform machine downtime tracking. Instead, learn how every job and operator contributes to the overall efficiency and productivity. This 360-degree insight is indispensable in identifying bottlenecks, optimizing workflows, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

By correlating machine data with job and operator metrics, Harmoni facilitates a comprehensive understanding, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward in a competitive market.

Real-Time Monitoring

Harmoni’s machine monitoring system empowers you with real-time monitoring of your CNC machines, ensuring you’re always in the know. Competitors may offer real-time data, but none match the intuitive and accessible interface of Harmoni.

Historical Data Analysis

Harness the power of data with easy access to historical machine utilization performance. Analyze trends, compare performance metrics, view historical reports, and make informed decisions to continuously improve your operations.

RFID Integration

Our RFID-centric features stand unchallenged in the market. Automatically pull up work instructions, track employee time, and load programs effortlessly. This level of automation is unparalleled, making manual errors a thing of the past.

Custom Alerts

Set personalized alerts for various machine conditions, ensuring you never miss critical updates or events. Be it an unexpected machine downtime or performance deviation, get notified instantly and take timely actions, even with unattended machine monitoring.

Digital Quality Tracking

Monitor quality trends in real-time with our digital checksheets, a feature that competitors lack. Ensure your manufacturing remains top-notch by spotting inconsistencies early.

Error Reduction

Minimize costly mistakes with our automated program loading, making your operations more reliable and efficient. Improve setup times and eliminate errors that can lead to costly reworks or product recalls.

illustration of the Harmoni CNC machine touch screen device that performs data collection

What is Harmoni?

Harmoni is a touch screen device that you connect to your CNC machines that utilize long-range RFID technology to perform time and machine data collection as well as optimize CNC operations in your machine shop by automatically detecting nearby employees and jobs.  With this information at hand, we simplify the entry of time records into ERP systems, loading the correct programs for the detected part revisions, and combine machine data with transactional data to provide a holistic view of shop capacity and performance.

Truly Accurate Job Costing

Get the full story on job costing when you automatically gather and combine machine cycle time with operator labor records.

Automate Manual Steps

Automate non-productive tasks and manual steps like labor tracking, program loading, work instructions, check sheets, and support requests.

Prevent Scrap & Mistakes

Our RFID technology always matches the correct job to the right CNC program, offsets, and work instructions, eliminating human error at the CNC.

Next Gen Shop Communications

Eliminate wasted time and increase efficiencies by allowing operators, support, and management to communicate directly from desktop to CNC machines.

Real-Time Information

Harmoni brings together data from operators, CNC machines, and your shop floor software, all in real-time, to help managers make decisions and spot trends quickly.

Increase Production & Efficiency

Harmoni keeps CNC machines and operators working, at peak levels, eliminating wasted time, reducing manual steps, eliminating scrap, and making communications a breeze.

Shop Floor Dashboards

Harmoni goes way beyond machine monitoring.  Truly understand if your operators and CNC machines are operating at acceptable levels, in real-time, right from your desk.

All Your Data Working Together

Harmoni brings CNC machines, operators, shop floor software, and quality systems together – imagine everything working in Harmoni!


icon of a funnel to represent Harmoni's cnc machine data collection capabilities

CNC Data Collection

Automatically collect cycle and state data from connected machines into a database.

icon of a video thumbnail to represent Harmoni's ability to display interactive work instructions at a CNC machine touch screen

Interactive Work Instructions

Powerful work instructions with media (PDFs, text, images, videos) that are linked to part revisions levels.

icon of a checklist and click to represent Harmoni's ability to do RFID based labor and machine time tracking

RFID Labor Tracking

Employees, parts, jobs, tools, and more can be automatically detected & tracked using RFID tags.

icon of binary code that represents Harmoni's ability to do automated cnc machine program loading

Program Loading

Automatically determine the correct program to load on the CNC machine based on revisions and machine.

icon of a analytics dashboard that represent's Harmoni's ability to do overall equipment effectiveness calculations in real-time

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall equipment effectiveness that is measured in real-time against data coming from ERP systems.

icon of puzzle pieces and a gear, representing Harmoni's ability to integrate with quality, maintenance, and ERP systems

Quality, ERP, & Maintenance Integration

Powerful, real-time integration with ERP, Quality, and Maintenance systems.

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