A key feature of Harmoni is its ability to bring integrated labor tracking right to the CNC machine.  A lot of wasted effort comes from operators walking to shared time-tracking terminals or filling out paper time sheets.  We eliminate this waste while pairing labor transactions and spindle data with greater accuracy than any solution on the market.

Employee Detection

The Harmoni terminal includes a powerful RFID antenna that reads RFID stickers up to 15 feet away.  So when an operator approaches the terminal with an RFID employee badge, they will automatically be listed on the People screen.  Operators can also be added manually or via barcode scans.

screenshot of Harmoni's labor tracking that detects employee by RFID
screenshot of Harmoni showing how an employee clocks in at the CNC to perform labor tracking

Clocking In

Clocking in is simply a matter of the employee tapping on their name and pressing the ‘Clock In’ button.  If your ERP system supports labor records, we will record this transaction into your ERP in real time.  A live camera feed presented during this process ensures no “buddy punches” are occurring.

Starting A Job

To begin work on a job, click on the ‘Add Activity’ tab.  Here you will see all jobs we have auto-detected via the RFID stickers on their paperwork.  If you don’t see your job here, you can key it in manually or scan via barcode.  Simply tap ‘Setup’ or ‘Run’ for the job you wish to begin.

screenshot of Harmoni showing how an employee starts a job
illustration depicting how Harmoni performs machine shop labor tracking right at the CNC machine

Machine + Labor Data

We are always recording the state changes of the CNC machine.  Every segment of time (running, stopped, interrupted, emergency stop) is recorded into our tables with the start and stop time.  We seamlessly pair this data the collected labor information to provide powerful analytics.  Slice and dice these machine state segments by part / rev, shift, employee, machine, etc.

Ending / Reporting Quantities

When an operator has finished a given job, they return to the People tab and tap the card of the job they are working on.  From here a sidebar will allow them to enter finished quantities, scrap (and the scrap reason), notes, and whether the operation has been completed.  As with everything else, if your ERP system supports labor records we will be writing these in real time.

screenshot of Harmoni that allows CNC machine operators to enter job notes that are entered into the ERP system
screenshot of Harmoni touch screen showing how an employee clocks out at the end of the day

Clocking Out

When an operator is done for the day, they simply tap the ‘Clock Out’ button to end their day.

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