Harmoni Digital Work Instructions provide a powerful way to assist CNC machine shop operators in doing their work most effectively.

Gone are the days of printing out work instructions for the wrong part or an old revision.  Because Harmoni knows the job that the machinist is working on and which machine is being used, you will automatically get the correct work instructions upon approaching the terminal.

Have questions? We’d love to explain how it works!

Work instructions are presented as step-by-step guides with rich content options including images and videos. This means less manufacturing knowledge stored in your operators’ memories, fewer errors (and resulting scrap) from using wrong or unclear work instructions, and the ability to use lower-skilled / transferrable operators to run your jobs more efficiently.

Powerful Instructions Made Easy

Our easy work instruction editor allows your team to quickly create step-by-step guides for any process.

Flexible Linking

Link your work instructions to parts, revisions, operations, or CNC machines.  Harmoni will automatically present the operator with the most specific instructions.

cnc work instructions that link to parts, revisions, operations, and machines
screenshot of Harmoni machine shop work instructions that automatically appear for correct job

The Correct Work Instruction…Automatically

The Harmoni terminal knows what you are working on and will automatically pull up the correct work instruction right at the machine.

Add Clarity With Annotations

Uploaded images within work instructions can be easily annotated and edited with built-in tools.  No special software required.

screenshot of cnc work instructions with video
illustration of the Harmoni CNC machine touch screen device that performs data collection

What is Harmoni?

Harmoni is a touch screen device that you connect to your CNC machines that utilize long-range RFID technology to perform time and machine data collection as well as optimize CNC operations in your machine shop by automatically detecting nearby employees and jobs.  With this information at hand, we simplify the entry of time records into ERP systems, loading the correct programs for the detected part revisions, and combine machine data with transactional data to provide a holistic view of shop capacity and performance.


icon of a funnel to represent Harmoni's cnc machine data collection capabilities

CNC Data Collection

Automatically collect cycle and state data from connected machines into a database.

icon of a video thumbnail to represent Harmoni's ability to display interactive work instructions at a CNC machine touch screen

Interactive Work Instructions

Powerful work instructions with media (PDFs, text, images, videos) that are linked to part revisions levels.

icon of a checklist and click to represent Harmoni's ability to do RFID based labor and machine time tracking

RFID Labor Tracking

Employees, parts, jobs, tools, and more can be automatically detected & tracked using RFID tags.

icon of binary code that represents Harmoni's ability to do automated cnc machine program loading

Program Loading

Automatically determine the correct program to load on the CNC machine based on revisions and machine.

icon of a analytics dashboard that represent's Harmoni's ability to do overall equipment effectiveness calculations in real-time

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall equipment effectiveness that is measured in real-time against data coming from ERP systems.

icon of puzzle pieces and a gear, representing Harmoni's ability to integrate with quality, maintenance, and ERP systems

Quality, ERP, & Maintenance Integration

Powerful, real-time integration with ERP, Quality, and Maintenance systems.