Harmoni can provide an automated way for any CNC machine work offset and values to be automatically uploaded to your machine tool and VMCs. Harmoni can detect the correct CNC program and load any stored work offsets for the particular job, part, machine, and operator.

By automatically loading the correct fixture position, location, and coordinates for a given workpiece right into the CNC control, it helps to eliminate mistakes and errors from manual g-code (G54) offset input that leads to scrap or parts that don’t meet specifications.

Operators no longer need to spend time entering and verifying the work offsets and can instead work to load details and execute programming, leading to higher machine and operator efficiency.

Powerful Work Offset Storage

Harmoni allows you to store your CNC work offsets right within the system. When the Harmoni device is linked to your CNC machining center or lathes via a USB or rs232 port, the operator can easily select the suitable options and automatically download and enter the work offsets stored right into your CNC control.

Work Offset + Part + Revision + Machines Association

The RFID capabilities of Harmoni allow it to automatically read the current operator, CNC machine, and job ID. Harmoni will then provide the operator with the correct CNC part program, information, and the correct work offsets that have been stored and associated with that part.

DNC Server For Work Offsets and Programs

The Harmoni device acts as the DNC server and computer, automatically sending the work offset to the control and uploads or drip-feeds and g-code program. Harmoni restricts options provided to the operator so that only the correct offsets and programs are offered and available.