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Starting A Job

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Starting A Job

Upon successful clock in, you will now be able to start your job.  Notice at initial clock in, you are not currently on any job (as expected) per the section here:

Terminal with a highlight on the right section displaying a “No current Jobs” state.

This section here will always show the jobs that you are on, on this machine.  If you operate multiple machines at once, this is a critical detail to note.  You may be running multiple jobs on multiple machines all at the same time – to help keep things straight for you we limit the listing of running jobs to only what is running on the attached machine.  

To start a job, tap the link labeled ‘Start Activity’:

Terminal display highlighting the Start Activity button

On the Start Activity tab, you will automatically see all of the jobs that have been detected by the antenna.  

Terminal highlighting activities detected by the antenna

If you do not see your job listed, you can add it manually by tapping the ‘Add Job’ button and keying in the job number:

Terminal with the add job button highlighted
Terminal with the job addition form highlighted

When your job is listed, we attempt to show only the operation(s) that are associated with this machine.  You will know that we have successfully done so when you see the operation(s) listed here:

Terminal with the Operation field of a job highlighted

This field is a drop-down so if there are more than one operation pertinent to this machine, you will see them listed for selection as well by tapping on the field:

Terminal with the operation selection list of a job highlighted

If there were no operations we detected for this machine, the job will still show but you will need to tap the ‘Show All Operations’ button in order to see all operations:

Terminal highlighting the “Show All Operations” button

Upon selecting the appropriate operation, you can clock onto either ‘Setup’ or ‘Run’ (production) by tapping the appropriate button:

Terminal highlighting the Setup and Run buttons

Upon tapping your selection, it will briefly spin letting you know it is working:

And ultimately return you to the main selected employee screen where you will see the job listed as one of your current activities on this machine:

Terminal with the job highlighted in current activities

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