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Shift Notes

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Shift Notes

Harmoni has a feature to allow an operator to leave a note for the next shift. The feature is called Shift Notes and it is accessible by tapping the flag icon along the device navigation menu:

To create a shift note, tap the blue button with the three dots in the lower-right corner and select ‘New Shift Note’:

Now you will be presented with a simple form:

The fields on this form are as follows:

Expiration Date

This is the date that this shift note will expire and automatically be deleted on. It has been defaulted to the next date but you may change this to whatever value is most appropriate.


This is the text of the shift note itself.

With a shift note in place, all employees that clock in on this Harmoni terminal will receive a pop-up when they clock in with this text.

A shift note will automatically be deleted upon expiration, however if you wish to delete or update a shift note manually you can do so by tapping on it within the Alerts module:

Then use the Delete button to delete an alert. Or if you wish to make any changes to the alert, do so on this screen and tap Update:

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