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Part Alerts

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Part Alerts

Part Alerts are a feature within Harmoni that allow you to provide a notification whenever an employee starts a job for a specified part. This feature can help to draw attention to quality issues that were previously experienced, updates to work instructions, etc. Part alerts created on a Harmoni terminal only apply for that Harmoni terminal. If an employee starts a job on a different Harmoni terminal, it will not show even if it is for the same part. In order to create global part alerts, an appropriately authorized user must create the alert within Harmoni portal.

To create a part alert, navigate to the Alerts module on the Harmoni device and click on the Part Alerts tab:

Create a new part alert by tapping the blue button in the lower right with the three dots on it and selecting ‘Add Part Alert’.

This will present a dialog where the part alert can be defined:

The fields are as follows:

Expiration Date

This is the date this alert will be shown until. By default, there is no expiration on part alerts meaning that they will remain in effect until someone deletes them. If you wish to provide an expiration date the part alert will be automatically deleted following that date.

Part #

The part number to associate the alert with. The drop-down will automatically list any parts associated with jobs / RFID stickers nearby the Harmoni terminal. If you need to enter a part not nearby the terminal, select ‘Other’ and you will have the opportunity to manually enter a part number.


These are the notes that will be shown when the part alert is triggered.

Any time that an operator clocks onto a job from this terminal, if there are part alerts associated for the part being produced on that job the pertinent alert will be shown:

Should you need to edit or delete this alert, you can do so from the alerts module. Simply tap the alert you wish to work with and edit / delete using the appropriate buttons:

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