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Maintaining Employees

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Maintaining Employees

Harmoni pulls employees from your ERP system in real time and presents them for interaction under Master Files / Employees within Harmoni portal:

This list will by default show only active employees, but that can be changed by toggling the value of the ‘Active / Inactive’ radio button at the top of the list:

Employees can easily be filtered on this screen by typing in the search box. This search box searches the employee ID, first name, and last name fields.

Select an employee by clicking on their row. This will bring up a field editor:

You will notice that most fields are not editable – because your ERP is the system of record, we do not allow these fields to be maintained within Harmoni. However, there are three key fields that are editable as they exist in Harmoni to supplement your ERP:


This is the ID associated with the RFID you have paired with this employee. You can either type an EPC directly into this field or use a desktop reader to quickly type values in for you.

Automatic End Activity

When this checkbox is checked, Harmoni terminals where this employee is clocked onto a job will periodically compare how long the machine has been in a non-running state (offline, stopped, interrupted, estop) to the idle threshold defined below. When the non-running state time exceeds what is defined for idle threshold, the terminal will automatically end the activity for the employee.

Idle Threshold (Minutes)

As noted above, this is the value expressed in minutes that the Harmoni terminal uses to determine whether sufficient time has passed to automatically end the employees activity due to the machine being in a non-running state.

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