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Loading A Program

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Loading A Program

Harmoni allows programs to be associated with parts / revisions / operations / machines to be easily loaded onto the machine with the tap of a button.  While we refer to this as program loading, the feature may also be used to load offsets, settings, or whatever else your control may support.  Each Harmoni device has a setting that determines how it loads programs (Serial or USB are the current available options).  When you are on a job that has an associated program, you can access it by going to the programs menu item:

Terminal showing the programs selection button on the left menu.

If your Harmoni device has been configured for USB program loading, you have the option to either load a single program or all associated programs.  In the screenshot above, we have associated several programs with the part / revision / machine.  If you were to tap the ‘Load All Via USB’ option here and you had the USB cable connecting the Harmoni terminal to the CNC control, it would show on the device that the USB is briefly disconnected (just like you pulled out a USB memory stick) and then reconnected with these files newly added.  Of course there is no USB memory stick involved here – the Harmoni device is simply emulating one.

Terminal highlighting the “Load All Via USB” button.

If you wish to instead load or review a single program, you can do so by tapping on it from this screen:

Terminal highlighting a single program for loading or reviewing.
Terminal Highlight the “Load Via USB” button after single program selection

And here you can use the ‘Load Via USB’ to place only this single file on the USB.  We also provide the program code here for your review.  To return to all programs, tap the ‘Back’ button:

Terminal with the back button highlighted from the program loading page.

Note that with USB program loading, Harmoni does not automatically load the program into memory on the CNC machine.  It is identical to if you were to place a USB memory stick into the device, it is up to you to call it up from there.

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