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Ending A Job

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Ending A Job

When you are ready to end your time on a job, simply tap the job on your selected employee screen:

Terminal with the job highlighted in current activities

This will pop out a panel along the right hand side of the screen where you can fill in quantities and notes:

Terminal with End Activity form highlighted

Good quantity indicates how many good parts you produced at this operation.  Discrepant quantity indicates how many scrap parts you produced.  If you have any quantity of discrepant parts it will also require that you provide a reason.  Comments are free form text you can provide to be recorded along with your transaction.  The operation complete checkbox indicates that this operation is finished.  Upon filling out the fields appropriately, press the ‘End Activity’ button to finalize the process:

Terminal with End Activity button highlighted

A spinning indicator will now be presented to let you know that it is working:

Spinning button after end activity click

And return you to the selected employee main screen where you should no longer see this job listed (although there may be other jobs if you were clocked onto multiple):

Terminal back to main employee tab
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