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Login to Harmoni Portal:

Harmoni Login prompt

On the Left Vertical Pane, select Administration, then Connectors.

locating the Administration and Connectors buttons

Now that we are on the connectors page, we will go through Adding a connector, Deleting a connector and Editing one.

Adding a Connector

  • We will start by clicking the add connector button,
  • Now Select your Connector after clicking on the connector type:
  • Then add the connector Name and Description.
  • Select the organizations’s branches the connector will be applicable to.
  • Now finalize the connector addition by clicking on Save on the bottom right of the prompt.

Editing a Connector

In order to edit a Connector, just click on either its name or its description from the connectors page, and change the values in a similar fashion as what you did during the addition process above, and click Save.

Deleting a Connector

To delete a connector, click on the bin button associated to the connector on the connectors page

Then Select “YES” to confirm

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