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Clocking Out For The Day

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Clocking Out For The Day

The procedure to clock out for the day is nearly identical to clocking in for the day.  The biggest difference is that Harmoni disables the clock out button if you are currently on a job, as seen here:

Terminal with disabled Clock-out button highlighted while some jobs are still active

When you are no longer on a job, the button will appear a bit brighter letting you know it is now enabled.  In order to clock out, simply tap this button:

Terminal with enabled Clock out button highlighted

As with clocking in, the button will show a spinning symbol after you tap it and you will then be notified in the upper-right corner whether the clock out attempt was successful.  Also upon successful clock out, the screen will automatically return to the ‘All Employees’ view for the next operator.

Terminal back at All Employees panel.
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