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Analog Inputs

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Analog Inputs

Harmoni can derive machine states from analog sources using these ports on the right-hand side of the device:

In order to use these ports, you will locate up to 5 analog lines from your equipment that can be used to indicate a machine state. For example, say you have an andon light on the top of a CNC machine with 3 light indicators: green (running), yellow (interrupt) and red (estop). The lines feeding that andon light can be used for the Harmoni analog inputs by connecting green to A1, yellow to A2, red to A3, and ground to GD.

Before any lines are plugged into the Harmoni terminal, you should use a multimeter to determine that no more than 12V DC is associated with the “on” state on any given line. Voltage in excess of this limit will damage the Harmoni device.

When you are ready to make the connection, you will need a phoenix connector to push the bare wires into until they lock into place:

Upon securing each of the lines into the phoenix connector, screw the connector into the ‘Analog Inputs’ on the Harmoni device. Next, configure the device within Harmoni portal to associate the utilized analog lines with known states within Harmoni:

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